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Company Profile
TBS Group

Please Note:

We are located now at :

5th Floor, Arden Fair,
Opp Benniganahalli Ring Road Flyover,
Pai Layout, Near Tin Factory,
Old Madras Road,
Bangalore Karnataka 560016.


Company Profile

TBS Group, is the largest clinical engineering service provider having operations in more than 12 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and China. In the process of expanding their global presence TBS has acquired MNE Technologies Pvt Ltd in 2009, thus culminating to the birth of TBS India Telematic and Biomedical Services Pvt. Ltd.

MNE Technologies which was founded in 2000 with a team of dedicated clinical engineering professionals with vast international experiences. Within a decade MNE had established its leadership position in Clinical engineering across India.

Acquisition of MNE by TBS Group, brings you a host of benefits such as international sourcing, global technical support, international standards, best practices, cost effectiveness, new technological horizons like Endoscope Repair labs, Test Equip Calibration Labs, telemedicine....amongst many more, which led to further international expansion of operations across Middle East, Africa to the South East.

The only international company operating in Asia solely dedicated to provide integrated biomedical equipment maintenance and management. The group’s primary focus is on the implementation of cost effective and timely maintenance programs for healthcare organizations and institutions. This ensures better quality of healthcare services and higher yields through effective equipment integration/utilization.


TBS INDIA Telematic & Biomedical Services Pvt Ltd., 5th Floor, Arden Fair,Opp Benniganahalli Ring Road Flyover,Pai Layout, Near Tin Factory, Old Madras Road, Bangalore Karnataka 560016. - Privacy