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Moving to bigger corporate office space at KR Puram


Launch of mobile Healthcare solutions

Awarded CAMC of state wide Hospitals & Clinics of Government of Andhra Pradesh


Partnered with Cosmed Italy and Covidien USA

LAMC of Goldman Sacs Bangalore, HCG Group, ESI Delhi

Launch of Pentax Endo Labs Bangalore & Hyderabad


First Operation Leasing for Manipal

Advanced BioMed course for Govt of Pondicherry

Acquired by TBS Group, Italy (2010)

CAMC of Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur

Operation Leasing for Apollo Hospital

Projects in Abuja & Lagos in Nigeria and Muscat


CAMC of Manipal Health Systems

AERB Accreditation, Siemens AFNCI Egypt

Partnered with Atmos Germany, AIIA Korea


ISO Certification, CAMC of St. Johns Bangalore

Projects in Bangladesh & Nepal

Tata Motors Hospital, Jamshedpur

Tamil Nadu State Projects


MNE Technologies incorporated, LAMC of Manipal Hospitals

CMC Vellore, AMRI, CRH Sikkim

World Bank Projects - West Bengal, Maharashtra & Odisha

TBS India. Health Technology Management.

Innovating technology and processes to curb costs and enhance services
and performance quality.


Leading manufacturer for Cardiopulmonary Diagnostic Equipment's from Italy. TBS India is the Channel partner for Cosmed in entire south India.

Products are:

Spirometers-Effective Simple Lung screening in any environment

PONY-FX :Portable Desktop Spirometer

  • Full Spirometry testing (FVC,SVC,MVV and Bronchial-Challenge Test).
  • Color LCD display with real time graphs and embedded high speed Thermal Printer.
  • Disposable Pneumatic or Turbine Flow meter.
  • Airway Resistance Rocc(optional).
  • MIP/MEP Measurement.
  • Integrated Digital Oximeter(optional).
  • Independent validation by LDS Hospital using the ATS 24 standard volume-time wave forms.
  • Advanced software for data management and real time testing on PC.

Spiropalm: Portable Spirometer with display and Memory.

Accurate and easy to use hand-held device for flexible spirometry screening!

  • Full spirometry testing (FVC,SVC,MVV,Brochial challenge test)
  • Accurate bidirectional turbine flow meter reliable in any conditions.
  • USB connection (PC and External Printer).
  • Integrated Digital Oximeter (optional) for HR and SpO2 monitoring.
  • Advanced software for data management, real time testing and interpretation directly on PC.

Microquark: PC Based Spirometer

Directly connected to a USB port turns any PC into a spirometer.

  • Full Spirometry testing (FVC,SVC,MVV and Pre-Post brenchial challenge test).
  • Provided with OMNIA the new leading-edge,touch-screen-ready software compatible with Windows 8.
  • User-friendly, beautiful user interface providing comprehensive graphical and text interpretation (EAS/ATS,Gold COPD).
  • Full Networking (SQL) and multi-language environment.
  • Digital turbine flow-meter validation by LDS Hospital (ATS Standards)

Pulmonary Function Analyzers-Quark PFT

Innovative modularity and networking for truly customized Pulmonary Function Testing solutions

  • Fully modular “plug-and-play” design
  • Choice of 3 different flow-meter configurations
  • Fast and accurate gas sensors.
  • Low maintenance costs, no technical expertise required
  • User friendly software with advanced features.
  • Wide range of options and accessories available.
  • Meet latest ATS/ERS standards

BODY BOX Plethysmography-COSMED Q-BOX

Accuracy and simplicity for the new benchmark in body plethysmography.

  • All-in-one solution for Lung Volumes, Airways Resistance, Spirometry and Respiratory Mechanics (MIP/MEP, PO.1).
  • Optional DLCO module for single-breath, intra-breath and membrane lung diffusion capacity.
  • Large cabin (873 liters) provides comfort while maintaining high sensitivity to volume changes.
  • Perform spirometry and DLCO either inside or outside cabin.
  • Perform all tests with a single man-oeuvre (TGV, sRAW, SVC, IC)
  • Featuring OMNIA, powerful, easy-to-use software with touch screen user interface.

Indirect Calorimeter

  • Measurement of Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) & Substrates.
  • REE by dilution with canopy.
  • REE breath by breath by mask.
  • Optional kit for measuring REE in mechanically assisted patients
  • Suitable for patients above 15kg of weight.
  • Validated against the Gold Standard.
  • Compatible with many ventilators in the market (connection through the exhalation port).
  • Automatic Bias Flow detection.
  • Indirect calorimetry (continuous VO2, VCO2).
  • Substrate of metabolism (RQ, %FAT, %CHO, %PRO).
  • Minimum sterilization requirements.
  • Suitable for infant/pediatric & adult population.
  • Accuracy and reliability validated against Deltatrac



  • Maximal Oxygen update (VO2max) and measured METs.
  • Classification of Exercise Capacity & Anaerobic Threshold.
  • Nutritional Assessment and resting VO2 for Fick equation.
  • Full Spirometry (FVC,SVC,MVC,etc.).
  • Multiple scores for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Risk analysis.
  • Body composition and comprehensive Weight Management software.
  • Interfaces with conventional stress testing RCG
  • Affordable, compact & easy to use.


  • VO2 max and sub-max VO2.
  • Anaerobic Threshold & Individual Training Zones.
  • Nutritional Assessment (REE,RMR) & Energy Balance.
  • Fitness Assessment, Body Composition & Risk Analysis.
  • PC Software for Data Management, ACSM Exercise Prescription and more...
  • Compact, affordable and easy to use.

Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing

  • Pulmonary Gas Exchange (VO2, VCO2)
  • Anaerobic Threshold (AT).
  • Indirect Cardiac Output (Wassermann)
  • Inspiratory Capacity during exercise
  • Integrated Global Positioning System (GPS).
  • Integrated Pulse Oximeter (SpO2) (optional).
  • Integrated 12-lead ECG (GAS/ECG) (optional).
  • Exercise Gas Exchange with Elevated FiO2 (optional).

Nutritional Assessment

  • Resting Energy Expenditure (REE, RMR).
  • Indirect Calorimetry (VO2, VCO2, RQ) with mask .


  • Forced/Slow Vital Capacity (SVC-FVC)
  • Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV)
  • Bronchial Dilator test and Bronchial Challenge Test
  • Pulmonary Gas Exchange (VO2, VCO2).
  • Breath by Breath Technology.
  • Telemetry Data Transmission up to 1000m
  • Indirect Calorimetry
  • Integrated GPS System.
  • Integrated Oxygen Saturation (SpO2).
  • Integrated 12-lead Stress Testing ECG


  • Testing and Exercise ECG interpretation.
  • High resolution ECG processing.
  • Full Disclosure and Scroll back during the test.
  • ST segment, ST slopes, Trends.
  • Retrospective ECG and arrhythmia analysis even during test
  • Standard and user defined Exercise Protocols.
  • Integration with COSMED Gas exchange equipment.
  • Patient Database & Network Compatibility.
  • testing and Exercise ECG interpretation.
  • High resolution ECG processing.
  • Full Disclosure and Scroll back during the test
  • ST segment, ST slopes, Trends
  • Retrospective ECG and arrhythmia analysis even during test.
  • Standard and user defined Exercise Protocols.
  • Integration with COSMED Gas exchange equipment.
  • Patient Database & Network Compatibility.


COSMED Treadmills



  • High quality running machines for clinical and high performance applications.

Monark Cyclergometers



  • With unique calibration system to guarantee quality and accuracy

COSMED Cyclergometers



  • Incomparable versatility for a wide range of applications and purposes .


Gold Standard accuracy using whole-body densitometry.

  • Excellent test-to-test repeatability.
  • Fat and Fat-Free Measurements.
  • Fast test time (2 minutes inside BOD POD and about 5 minutes total test time).
  • Safe, non-invasive, and ideally suited for frequent testing.
  • Flexibility in testing special populations, including young children with Pediatric Option .

TBS Group is present in 21 countries with over 20 companies.
More than 2,400 highly qualified staff, 350 workshops, 46 Regional operational centers, 26 competence centers.
More than 1,000 healthcare structures, 850,000 medical equipment and devices managed, 1,300,000 maintenance activities, 43,000 users of telecare and telemedicine services.

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